Math317 Hwk 10(due 5/11, Friday)

Hi all,

Finals are coming up, please start reviewing for the final. Look at old worksheets, read thru your homeworks and skim thru examples from the textbook. Here are the problems to turn in:

Section 6.1: 5, 9, 11, 14, 17(a)

Section 4.1: 1, 7

Section 4.2: 1


Math 317 HWK9 (Due 5/4, Friday)

By now, we have covered most methods in proofs. Skim thru the chapter and check out the exercises: don’t think about which section they are from, but treat them as individual problems. Try to start the problems and see if you have a general idea for them.

Problems to turn in:

Section 3.5: 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30

Section 3.6: 1, 2

Section 4.2: 2

Math 317 (HWK 5, DUE 03/23, Friday)

Hi all,

You will find this set of homework a bit longer than usual, as I assigned some old problems for you to review for the midterm.

Section 1.1: 1

Section 1.2: 8 (only do (a) and (b): is (a) equivalent to (b)?), 13

Section 1.3: 3

Section 1.4: 1, 5(a)

Section 1.5: 3, 5, 10

Section 2.2: 2, 5 (read pages 68 and 69, using bounded quantifier laws), 7

Section 2.3: 1

Math 317 (HWK 4, DUE 03/16, Friday)

Hi all,

There is a set of homework on section 2.1, quantifiers. This will be a short one, but I really want you to take the time and go thru the section of the book. Quantifiers will be very very important for math you will learn in later courses, let’s spend some time and really nail this part.

Section 2.1: 2,3,5,7,8,9

Math 317 (HWK 3: due Mar 2, Friday)

Hi all,

We will have our first quiz on Friday, March 2, covering everything before section 1.5.

Homework due Friday are the following problems:

Section 1.2: 17

Section 1.3: 1, 5, 7

Section 1.4: 13.(c) and 14 (a) and (b)

Section 1.5: 2

Extra credit problem: Read and analyze the handout material In the Library. Complete the solution and write up your solution in \LaTeX. Hand it in Mar 9, Friday. Extra information:

All statements by the Montagues and their staff are true; statements by innocent guests are also true, but the criminal may or may not lie. You are Taylor, you may or may not be the criminal.