Practice Final Exam

Here it goes! su15_300_final_practice


Homework 6 (Due Aug 19, Wed) : Homework session on Tuesday 4.00-6.00

Hi all,

This time I am assigning more problems from chapter 4 and 5. For most of these problems you need mostly the definitions, so make sure you have the definition page open  when you are doing these problems!

4.2: 10

5.1: 9(a), 15(a)

5.2: 11

6.1: 9(b), 10

6.3: 6, 17

6.4: 3(a)

Note: Homework session is moved to Monday, so I will hold office hours on Monday 1.30-3.30 (I have a meeting at 3.30).

Homework 4 (Due Wednesday, Aug 5)

Hi all, here is the homework due next week:

Section 3.4: 13

Section 3.5: 27

Section 3.6: 1

Section 4.1: 6, 8, 9, 12

Section 4.2: 6 (only part (a) and part (c)), 11

Section 5.1: 6, 10, 16 (only part (a) and part (c))

This time, there are only 12 problems. Please take your time and write your solutions up carefully. The problems from chapter 3 were assigned as review problems before. By now you can do all problems except the problems in section 5.1, so start early!

Homework is due next Wednesday, so there will be homework session again next Tuesday.

Comments on midterm exam and grading policies

Hi all,

I have finished grading the midterm and published the grades on Catalyst. Exams will be handed back to you on Monday.

Here are some common mistakes I noticed:

1. How to negate quantifiers and bounded quantifiers.

2. How to show set A is a subset of set B.

3. The order of different quantifiers and what they mean.

4. How to show a statement is false.

5. What are hypothesis and conclusion.

I am offering regrading of the midterm exam, here is how it works: after I hand back your exam to you, please take some time and effort to rewrite the problems you wish to get regraded. Please write them up nicely and neatly, make an appointment with me and bring your write up with your original exam to the meeting with me. I would like to go over your write up with you, and maybe give you some customized problems for you to practice. You can get up to half of the lost points back, depending on how well you understand and how much effort you put into the write up. I will be available all day next week after 11, please take advantage of this. I want to talk to you as soon as possible, so please make appointments within the next week (July 27-July 31).

Lectures and exams are designed to work for a general group, but each one of you is an individual, and what works for general people doesn’t necessarily work for you. Please come and talk to me, and we can analyze what works for you, and help you succeed in this class. I am here to help, not to judge. As long as you are willing to work with me, I am available to help!

Grades in this class is curved, and I will award improvement points if you did significantly better on the final, so no need to freak out about your grades. Come and get help from me!!

Practice Midterm

Hi all,

We will have our midterm exam on Friday, July 24 in our normal classroom during normal lecture time. We will review on Wednesday, by doing the practice midterm exam: su_15_300_mid_practice

Please also bring any questions you have from your homework/textbook/elsewhere.

I will have extra office hours on Wednesday 12.00-13.00, 14.00-15.00 or by appointment. Just shot me an email 30 minutes before you come over!

I will be around on Thursday until 13.20, and available via email after that. Feel free to email me a picture of your work with questions!

Please check your grades on Catalyst

Hi all,

Please check your grades on Catalyst (both homework grades are published) and contact me if there are any mistakes. You can correct your grades with me by showing me your original homework anytime before the last week of class.

If you have not turned in all the homework yet, please contact me. Homework grades take up a large portion of your grades, so please let me know if you need/want any help with them. Just come and talk to me, I want to make sure you know what is going on.

Midterm on July 24th

HI all,

A reminder: we will be having a midterm exam next Friday, July 24th.

There is no homework due next Wednesday, but the exam will cover everything before Chapter 4. To review sections 3.4-3.7, do these problems:

3.4: (9*,10),11,12,13

3.5:( 1*,2), (10,11*), (19*,20), 26*,27,28*,30*

3.6: (1*,2), 9

3.7: 3, 6, (7*,8),9*

You might have noticed that some of these problems are grouped together: this is because they are similar, and one of them has solution in the back of the book. Use the ones with solutions as examples to read and understand, and do the ones without solutions in the back.

For review of other sections, look through your homework, read your lectures and of course the textbook. A review sheet will be uploaded sometime this weekend.

There is no homework session this Tuesday, but I will hold extra office hours on Monday and Wednesday. If you want me to check your work, you can take a picture of your work and email it to me.