(152) Homework 9(Due 11/17)

Hi all,

Here are the problems due on Thursday. Please make sure to do test correction!

7.8: 1,2,3,5,8,9,10,14,17,20,21

11.1: 1,2,3,5,6,9,13,14,15

(152)Homework 4(Due 10/6)

Hi all,

Our first test is on Oct 4, Tuesday. Here are some problems for you to review for the content:

4.9: 8,12,17

5.1: 23,25,26(a),29(a)

5.2: 20,30,32(do not evaluate),34,38

5.3: 10,14,18,33(Substitution would be easier),40

5.4: 15,16,33

5.5: 15,17,25,40,48

7.1: 1,2,5,7(split the integral into two),20

(152)Homework 3(Due 9/29)

Hi all,

Starting this Thursday, we are moving on to integration techniques, so this week’s homework is largely for reviews.

4.9: 32,36,62

5.1: 22

5.2: 19,22(Only write down the Riemann sum, do not evaluate),33

5.3: 9,12,13

5.4: 32,35,44 (be careful with absolute values),52

5.5: 1-6,7,9

(152)Homework 2(Due 9/22)

Section 5.3: 2,3,4,8,11,21,25,30,43,55,56,59,75

Section 5.4: 3,6,11,18,24,27,28,36,49,51,53,57,71

Read the table on page 403, as it will be your good friend for a long long time. Start making your note sheet, and make sure to simplify the integrand if it doesn’t fit in your table!


(152)Homework 1(Due 9/15)

Hi all,

Please check out the table on page 352. Be very familiar with it, as most of the course depends on these antiderivatives (Eventually it gets updated to the table on page 503). Start making your sheet and put unfamiliar formulas on your sheet!!

Here is a set of problems due next Thursday:

Section 4.9: 3,10,14,16,22,23,26,29,31,34,38,39,49,52,72(The derivative of mass is density),74

Section 5.1: 2,3,8,13,21,24

Section 5.2: 17,18,29

You don’t need to simplify anything!