(107)Paragraph (Due 4/4)

Hi all,

Please remember to email me your talk PowerPoint, and remember that your individual write up is due on Tuesday after the break. 

I will be around during spring break, let me know if you want to meet up! 


(115) Homework (Due 4/6)

Hi all, 

Hope you are ready to enjoy the spring break and do some math Homework! Here are some problems for you to review:

1.2: 16,17,51

1.3: 9,10,60(instead of showing the equation is false, find three examples that the equation is false)

Chapter review on page 40: 7,10,12,13,14

2.1: 16,23

2.2: 12,14,39

2.3: 17, 56, 57

3.1: 14, 16(you will see this a lot in Math 151)

3.2: 21, 25, 30

3.3: 25, 30

3.4: 1, 2, 5, 7

I will be around on campus and let me know if you want to meet up. Have a fun break! 

(Math 115)Homework (DUE 3/23)

Hi all,

Please correct your tests if you have not done so yet.

I noticed a lot of questions on composition of functions, so here is a video to help you. Know that composition of functions is not a trivial topic, and we can tackle it  as long as we are patient and careful (you can tackle all math problems in the class if you are patient and careful!).

Reading assignment: Section 3.1, 3.3 (please make sure to read them!)

Problems to hand in:

Section 3.2: 2,4,6,8,10,12,1420,22,26,28

Section 3.3: 1,2,4,6,9,10, 16,18,25,26

Aliens and logical fallacy

This article reminds me of a problem on our quiz in Math 107 on logical fallacy. 

Here is another one if you are in the mood of finding logical fallacies. It is a true conversation I had with my husband Alan. 

Our tap has two settings and one of them has a particularly high pitch when the water is running. I didn’t like the high pitch noise and was in the mood of teasing Alan, so I said:” I don’t like that high pitch noise, but dolphins are fine with it. You are fine with it too, so you are a dolphin!”

Of course, Alan is not a dolphin. Can you point out the logical fallacy in the argument? 

Here is another logical fallacy called the Paradox of ravens. It certainly sounds funny at first glance. Try to resolve it? 

Happy Pi Day!!

Today is the \pi-day, and here are some cool things to check out:

Interview with Terence Tao from Numberphile.

If you like to estimate \pi yourself with the Monte Carlo method, this is a fun video to check out. Try to write a code and see how fast you get 100 digits of \pi.

Oh finally, eat some pie for sure.

Update: Just heard you can also compute \pi with coprime numbers. Here is a video.