(499)Summary of week eight and nine

Hi all,

By now, you have seen all the potential topics, here they are:

Dr. Zhu: capstone-projects_zhu

Dr. Cook: capstone-projects_cook

Dr. Simic-Muller: capstone-projects_simicmuller

Dr. Edgar: capstone_edgar

Dr. Stuart: capstone_stuart

Dr. An: capstone_an

Dr. Benkhalti: capstone-topics_benkhalti

Dr. Jones: capstone_jones

Dr. Heath: capstone_heath

Think about what you might be interested in, and go ask for more details. Your proposal of the capstone project is due Dec, 9, last day of class.

On Nov 16, we will have peer presentations, please expect to stay for 30 minutes longer or so, as this will be the only time we have to finish the presentation. You should grade for 3 or 4 talks, and grading sheet will be handed out to you before the presentation. You will be grading for randomly chosen students.

If you like to revise any of your previous work, please let me know. I will be happy to meet you and help you with it. The deadline for revision of your previous work is Nov 30.

Last and this week, our seminars are more career oriented, as  we had alumni panel and career connection presentation. Start making your resume in LaTeX, and the resume is due Nov 23rd.


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