(499) Summary of Week Six/Seven

Hi all,

Last week, Dr. Zhu, Dr. Cook and Dr. Simic-Muller presented their potential capstone topics. Please look at the topics and think about them. They might not look directly related to your topic, but you might still need to use related content in your research. Here are the topics:

Dr. Zhu’s topic: capstone-projects_zhu

Dr. Cook’s topic: capstone-projects_cook

Dr. Simic-Muller’s topic: capstone-projects_simicmuller

We did more peer review of your paper, and this should be the last paper peer review.

This week, our speaker is Dr. Susan Massey.  Please write a one page report on the talk, following our standard format. If you like to know more about her research, please use our library resources.

For now, your assignments are:

  1. Write a 5~10 page report on “Hair and Beyond”. For this paper, please focus on the mathematical content. Use the Breaks as your hints for theorems and proof guides. You have all taken 317, so I expect to see some careful proofs in your paper.
  2. On the 26th, you are giving a beamer talk of 5~10 minutes. It is always better to prepare more than what you might have the time to talk about. If you want to do practice talks with me, let me know. I am here on Monday and Wednesday (not Friday, Oct 21, apparently we have a mid-semester break! )

On the 26th, we have more faculty members presenting their topics. Please be in class on time.


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