(499)Summary of Week Four

Hi all,

This week in class, we did anonymous peer reviews of your report on Fermat’s last theorem. Here are some of the things we learned:

Tips to make a paper look nice:

  1. Use the right format.
  2. Have a personalized title.
  3. Use Theorem (and other) packages in your LaTex file to make it look more clear.
  4. A longer paper is better than a short one.
  5. Have a clear distinction between Abstract and Introduction.


Things we want to avoid:

  1. Too much background and not enough content.
  2. Only one paragraph, no clear structure.
  3. Too much computation or program, but no explanation.
  4. Not putting effort in the work.

What if your work has a large amount of computation or programming? Sum up your computation briefly, or write a pseudo-code in the main body of the paper, then attach the big computation or your program in the appendix.

Your assignment this week is to keep working on your report of paper of your choice. Please try to revise your paper based on the feedback of peer review. We will review  these paper in two weeks.

In the meantime, please start making two beamer documents, both your Fermat’s last theorem beamer and your paper beamer. They are intended for 5 minute talks.

Next week, we are having our first seminar. The talk will be on Inverse problems, and you might not understand all the details of the talk. Try to organize the information such as important results, applications, motivation of the problem, some reference and things you don’t understand but would like to know more. By next Friday, I expect a brief report on the talk in the standard format (abstract, intro, etc.).

Finally,  here are some papers with titles that might be good or bad, you can be the judge.

This one certainly grabbed my eyes; this title only Grothendieck can get away with (also notice he was saying “I” instead of “we” the whole paper. But again, this is Grothendieck, and we are not him); I am not sure if I recommend this title; and you probably want to be more specific than this one.




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