(499)Summary of Week Two

Hi all,

This week we are setting up your hardwares for the course. We will use Latex as our writing software and Sage for file sharing and collaborating.

Please make sure to check out the Latex beamer Dr.Edgar created. You can also find useful links about Latex here.

For Sage, please make sure to create an account on Sagemathcloud, create a project for your capstone class, and add me as your collaborator. From now on, you can hand in all your assignments directly by putting files in your project. I expect to see your autobiography by this Friday written in Latex if you have not handed to me yet in class.

I handed out some material on Fermat’s last theorem, and this is your first project of read-write-talk.

Your assignment this week is : write a one page report on the reading material in Latex, and share it with me on Sage. It is due on Wednesday, 9/21. 

In the meantime, check out the videos on Numberphile on Fermat’s last theorem, as well as some other videos on cool math facts/theorems/unsolved problems. You might find some inspiration for your capstone project. One cool video I really enjoyed is this.


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