Summary of Week One

Hi all,

Hope your first week is starting smoothly!

Here is what we did on the first day:

We very briefly went over the syllabus and calendar, and we talked about what the capstone is all about and what you should expect from it, here is a beamer on the topic: beamer (modified from Prof. Simic-Muller’s beamer last year). Let me know if you want the .tex file of this file.

Your assignment this week is to write a math autobiography and hand it in to me by the end of next class. I expect to have a general idea of your math background after reading your autobiography: what classes did you like, what you still like to learn, what you plan to do after graduate, what might be some of the topics you like to work on, etc.

If you already know LaTeX, then type it up in LaTeX; if not, that’s OK, type it up in Word, or other softwares.

We agreed on optional office hours on Fridays: 13.45-15.45, but still let me know if you like to work together during different hours.




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