(Math 253)Homework 4(Due 3/11)

Hi all,

Here is the set of problems due next Friday. You will notice problems from all sections we have covered so far, and this is because these are problems to help you review and prep for the test next week. So although they are due after the test, you should really do them soon and get help on them!

10.1: 5(a),9(a),11,12,15(a)

10.2: 3,5,14,19(no need to graph)

10.3: 20,24

12.1: 8,12,14,28

12.2: 9,13,15,19,23

12.3: 3,7,23(if two vectors \vec{u} and \vec{v} are parallel, you can check if there is some scalar c such that \vec{u} =c \vec{v}),38,39

12.4: 33

12.5: 5,6,13


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