(Math 152)Homework 4(Due 3/11)

Hi all,

This set of homework is intended for you to review for the test coming up next week. It is due Friday (after the test), but you really should work on it over the weekend/before the test. There are some problems that you did already, therefore they are assigned to be read again.

4.9: 26,31,34,44

5.1: 23(a)

5.2: 1 (do not compute and simplify), 31(only express the limit as a sum, don’t simplify or compute), 33 and 34 (33, 34 read only, you did them before), 39, 49, 50 (draw a picture to help your work),69,70.

5.3: 8,12,16,21,26,27

5.4: 10 (Hint: try to make g(v)=v^2+2 and use substitution),14,28,32,57 and 58 (57,58 read only)

5.5: 11,13,22,29,30,32


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