(Math 317)Review problems

Hi all,

I am working on a practice test for you, it will be posted over the weekend and talked about on Monday. The following are some review problems. Some of them you have done in homework, some not. In the meantime, read through your review sheet, worksheet we did in class, quiz and of course, the textbook.

1.1: 1,5,7

1.2: 1,7,8

1.3: 1,6,8

1.4: 4,6,11

1.5: 2,4,5,10

2.1: 2,3,7,8,9

2.2: 1,2,3,5,7,9,10

2.3: 2,5,10,12



(Math 253)Practice test

Hi all,

Here is the practice test prac_test_1

Please note, this is just to help you get familiar with the format and content of the actual test, the test on Wednesday will NOT be the same test with different numbers. To review for the test, do the review problems assigned, review your self-diagnose quizzes and come to discuss any questions you have in office hours!

Key will not be posted, but if you can show me your work, I will be happy to check your work for you!

(Math 152)Practice test

Hi all,

Here is the practice test prac_test_1 to help you get familiar with the format of the test on Wednesday.

The practice test is just to help you understand the length, rough content of the test. The actual test on Wednesday is NOT going to be the same test with different numbers.

Key will not be posted, these are all problems from your homework/lecture/self-diagnose quiz. Do feel free to check your work with me, either in office hours or email me a photo of your work.


(Math 253)Homework 4(Due 3/11)

Hi all,

Here is the set of problems due next Friday. You will notice problems from all sections we have covered so far, and this is because these are problems to help you review and prep for the test next week. So although they are due after the test, you should really do them soon and get help on them!

10.1: 5(a),9(a),11,12,15(a)

10.2: 3,5,14,19(no need to graph)

10.3: 20,24

12.1: 8,12,14,28

12.2: 9,13,15,19,23

12.3: 3,7,23(if two vectors \vec{u} and \vec{v} are parallel, you can check if there is some scalar c such that \vec{u} =c \vec{v}),38,39

12.4: 33

12.5: 5,6,13