Practice final

Important date: Our final exam is on Monday, Dec 14!!

Here is the practice exam for final: 152final15_prac

Now before you dive in on the problems, please take a few minutes to read the following study guide:

This final exam will *not* be just the same exam with numbers changed. The practice exam is intended for you to get a preview of the format, the content of the real exam. For example, you are expected to know the many ways of computing an integral, both indefinite and definite; you are expected to know how to apply integrations, such as use the definite integral to compute the volume and indefinite integral to solve a differential equation, etc.

That said, how do you use this practice test? You should treat each problem as an example of problems of that kind, review how to solve that kind of problems, find some example of that kind yourself, do several of those problems. Don’t only focus on doing that one problem 100% and ignore all other exercises you did of the same kind.

When you use this practice test, you should be also making your sheet on the side, doing problems of the same kind on a stack of paper and writing down all your questions for me (or whoever you normally get help from).

If you wish to check your answers, show me your work and I will be happy to check them for you. The point of doing this practice test is to review the content of the course, not obsessing with an extra factor of 1/2 in your final answer of problem 3.

Alright, let me know if you have any questions, and and and, do take advantage of the office hours!!



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