Review of week 13 and preview of last week

Hi all,

One week left! Next week, we will finish up with trig functions and review for the final exam.

Last week, we talked about trig functions, in terms of ratios of length in a right triangle. Make sure to have the definitions of those trig functions and their relations written down on your sheet!

On Thursday, we looked at some applications of trig functions in right triangles. We can classify the information given to us as two categories: either angle relations or length relations. If you know one acute angle, you can find the other one by a+b=90 degrees; if you know two edges, you can solve for the last one by the Pythagorean theorem. The things that connect these two kinds of information are the trig functions, and you would often use trig functions to solve angle from edge and vice verse.

There are two types of information given in general: one angle and one edge, or two edges. Notice you will always need at least one edge in order to solve a triangle (similar triangles are of different size, but have the same angles!)

Next week, we will finish up the introduction of trig functions in the coordinate plane. It will be similar to trig functions in right triangles, but now it is easier to describe the vertices, etc. On Thursday, we will review for the whole semester.

Test 3 correction is due Tuesday and no later than that! 


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