Review of week ten and preview of week eleven (Test on Thursday, Nov 19)

Hi all,

Last week we talked about quadratic functions and exponential/log functions.

The quadratic function has two forms: general form and standard form. Standard form gives more information about the function: whether it opens up or down, where the vertex is, where the x-intercepts are (if there are any). If given general form, we complete the square to get the standard form. In applications of quadratic functions for example, vertex gives information about the maximum or minimum of the function, depending on the sign of leading coefficient.

On Thursday, we did more computation on completing the square and briefly introduced exponential and log functions. For exponential and log functions, make sure you know how to evaluate the functions and have a general image of the graphs of the functions in your head (x and y intercepts, domain and range of the functions, if the function increase or decrease?).

Next week, we will review on Tuesday and have test 3 on Thursday. I will write a practice test and bring the practice test on Tuesday for you to work on. For now, review your homework problems and redo the problems we did in class (self diagnose quiz and exercises)

There is no homework due next week, so use your time to review for the test!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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