Review of week eight and preview of week nine (homework in separate post)

Hi all,

Last week we had our second test and talked about the coordinate system, next week we will talk about lines in the coordinate system and quadratic equations.

The coordinate system is a powerful tool to combine algebra with geometry: pairs of points, distances and equations are all presented on the coordinate plane with explicit pictures. We have plotted some pictures on Thursday, and you have seen the general way of plotting graphs of functions: take some arbitrary values of x and compute the corresponding y values from the function, plot those dots in your plane and connect them. The examples we did in class on Thursday are all linear functions, next week we will see some quadratic functions.

Tests will be handed out to you next Tuesday, make sure to do corrections! If you want to talk about any of the problems, come for help! The corrections are due Nov 17.

Homework problems are posted in a separate post, don’t forget to do them!

Alright, have a good weekend, see you next week!!


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