Review of week six and preview of week seven, homework (due 22, Thursday)

Hi all,

This week we covered linear equations and linear inequalities and applications of them.

To solve linear equations or linear inequalities, your goal is to isolate the variable (say x, for example). An approach I normally take is to put all constants on one side of the equality/inequality, and all terms with variable on the other side. Finally divide out by the coefficient multiplied by the variable. In equality, you don’t need to worry as much, but for inequalities, make sure to change the direction of your inequality if you are dividing by a negative number.

Next week, we will look at two linear equations with two variables and solve them. The idea is to transfer the two equations into one, then the problem becomes something we did in section 1.1.

On Thursday, we will review for the test on Oct 27. I will put a practice test online next week, and we will work on that.

Here is the homework due Oct 22 (Thursday):

1.2: 10,14,19

1.5: 3,4,16,21,45,84,87,88,115

9.1: 15,16,19,20,37,38,41,42

Alright, have a nice weekend and let me know if you have any questions! Don’t forget to do test correction!


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