Review of week five and preview of week six

Hi all,

This week we had our first test on Tuesday and talked about linear equations on Thursday. We have also decided on adding a self-diagnosing quiz on Tuesdays.

With the tests, you can write up the corrections of your mistakes and hand them to me. You can get up to half of the lost points back. Definitely come for help with the test, even for your corrections!

On Thursday, we have talked about linear equations. Those are the equations that can always be *simplified* to the standard form ax+b=0. Be careful with your computations and check your solutions set with the domain!

Next week, we will continue with linear equations and inequalities.

On Tuesday, we will discuss applications of linear equations. The hard/interesting part of application is always to translate English into math, so get ready to talk to your neighbors and see how to interpret the word problems! The quiz on Tuesday will involve content that we covered on Thursday and simplifying rational expressions.

On Thursday, we will talk about inequalities: they are really fun, as you see inequalities in day to day life more than equalities! Real number line will be very useful to help visualize inequalities, so we will review the number line in the beginning of class. I will post five more problems to add to your homework set, which will be due on Thursday.

Alright, that is it for now. See you next week!


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