Review of week three and preview of week four

Hi all,

Last week we have finished talking about polynomials, and rational expressions. We will continue with radicals on Tuesday and introduce functions. On Thursday, we will review for the upcoming test the Tuesday after next.

In Polynomials, we talked about factoring and multiplying polynomials. If you want to check your answer to one of them, use the fact that they are inverse process of each other. Make sure you are familiar with the quadratic formula, it is the most reliable way of factoring degree two polynomials (and finding their zeros!)

Rational expressions (the fraction of two polynomials) are really very similar to rational numbers (the fraction of two integers). For example, to add/subtract two rational expressions, you need to find the common denominator then add/subtract the numerators; to divide a rational expression, you multiple by its reciprocal. The only thing different (and important, and easy to forget) is the domain of a rational expression. Make sure all your rational expressions have non-zero denominators!

We will talk about functions next Tuesday, from section 3.1 of the book, read ahead and ask me if you have any questions!


Reading: 0.5,0.6,3.1 and notes! Review for test 1.

0.6: 3,4,5,15,29,32,43,45,64,74

3.1: 1,3,12,19,28,29,36,37,47,64

Practice Test (to upload)


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