MATH152-03 20140 Fall2015: Review of week two and preview of week three

Hi all,

Last week we covered 5.1-5.3. The definite integral is a generalization of area under curve, therefore, the computations, definitions, etc. are all quite similar. Make sure to compare them to gain a deep understanding of the concept.

The fundamental theorem of calculus allows us to compute the net area under continuous curve using antiderivatives. Use the properties of definite integral to simplify your computations!

Next week, we will finish 5.3, talk about 5.4 (indefinite integral, actually a review of antiderivative), and introduce the first integration technique-substitution in section 5.5.

There will be a quiz on *Thursday* (instead of Tuesday!!), it should cover everything we have done up to 5.3.

Finally, Office hours on Wednesday is *only* 11.00-13.00. But as long as my door is open, you are welcome to come in!


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