Summary of first week and preview of second week

HI all,

Hope you all had a good first week! Here is a brief sum up of what we did:

We covered Section 0.1 up to page 11, right before “Properties of the Negatives”. Make sure you read through the part of book we covered, try to treat all the examples as exercises, do them yourself with the solution part covered up then check your answer. 

We have talked about the following topics:

1. Real numbers, rational and irrational numbers. We have also covered how to approximate a number using truncation or rounding. 

2. We covered the 9 properties of real numbers (summed up on page 10 of the book). These properties also hold for general algebraic expressions. 

3. Order of operations is covered. Mostly for these problems, all you need to do is follow the rules listed on page 7 in the bottom. Then be careful and patient, and you should be fine! 

The textbook has a lot of problems on these topics, if you don’t feel comfortable with any of the topics, just try to do the problems on page 15 through 17 to practice, and of course, come and get help from me!! 

Finally, I have attached a fun problem for you to play with. See if you guys can figure these out! 

Have a nice weekend!

Hi all,

Hope you are having a good first weekend! Here is a preview for next week:

We will finish fractions in 0.1 then move on to 0.2 to 0.4. Remind you: your homework is due this Thursday, so do take advantage of the office hours and work session Tuesday-Thursday! 

Tuesday: 0.1,0.2. We will finish negative numbers, fractions, then move on to integer exponents.

Thursday: 0.3,0.4. Polynomials will be introduced! Polynomials are simple functions, but they are really really useful! I am excited to talk about them, hope you are too:)

Alright, see you guys on Tuesday! 

Homework problems due on Thursday:

Reading: 0.1, 0.2


0.1: 36,40,51,53,54,56,59,63,78,79

0.2: 12,19,34,73,74

Make sure you start early and come to me for help:) !

Review problem-order of operations


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