Midterm on July 24th

HI all,

A reminder: we will be having a midterm exam next Friday, July 24th.

There is no homework due next Wednesday, but the exam will cover everything before Chapter 4. To review sections 3.4-3.7, do these problems:

3.4: (9*,10),11,12,13

3.5:( 1*,2), (10,11*), (19*,20), 26*,27,28*,30*

3.6: (1*,2), 9

3.7: 3, 6, (7*,8),9*

You might have noticed that some of these problems are grouped together: this is because they are similar, and one of them has solution in the back of the book. Use the ones with solutions as examples to read and understand, and do the ones without solutions in the back.

For review of other sections, look through your homework, read your lectures and of course the textbook. A review sheet will be uploaded sometime this weekend.

There is no homework session this Tuesday, but I will hold extra office hours on Monday and Wednesday. If you want me to check your work, you can take a picture of your work and email it to me.





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